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Batana Oil Showdown: Batana Babe vs Doctor Truth

Batana oil, the Amazonian superfood for your hair, has taken the beauty world by storm. But with two major players in the Batana game, BatanaBabe and DoctorTruth, choosing the best oil is important. This blog post cuts through the hype and compares these two brands, helping you crown the ultimate Batana queen (or king).


    • BatanaBabe: $24.99 for a 4 oz jar
    • DoctorTruth: $30 for a 2 oz jar

BatanaBabe edges out Doctor Truth on price, making it the more budget-friendly option. However, Doctor Truth offers two application methods (spray vs. oil bottle), which might be valuable for some users - even if overpriced.


Both brands claim to use 100% unrefined Batana oil, but Batana Babe emphasizes cold-pressed extraction, a method known to preserve nutrients. In addittion, BatanaBabe has built a reputation for high-quality ingredients and ethical sourcing.


Batanababe provides detailed information about their sourcing and extraction process, even offering lab reports for purity. Doctor Truth lacks the same level of detailed information.

Product Variety:

Doctor Truth offers a spray in addition to the classic jar Batana Oil. Batana Babe is currently working on a spray, soap, and shampoo option at this time which isn't available for sale yet.

Customer Reviews:

Both brands boast positive reviews, with users praising the oil's effectiveness for hair growth, frizz control, and shine. However, Batana Babe has a higher volume of positive reviews.

The Verdict:

Choosing between BatanaBabe and DoctorTruth is a personal call. If budget and quality is your top concern, Batana Babe is the winner. 

Remember, your hair journey is unique! Consider your budget, hair needs, and preferences when making your decision. And don't forget to patch test before diving headfirst into your new Batana routine.

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